Five years ago I started a small Etsy shop with the idea that i might sell a few photo charms for bridal bouquets. Several thousand sales later and here I am still loving what i do, I am continually adding new and one of a kind pieces to the shop. Click any of the photos below to be redirected to the shop page on etsy.
"Adore Amor is responsible for the most moving part of my bridal shower. The bouquet charms are an amazing way to honor loved ones that have passed, as well as incorporate them into your special day. It meant more than I can express how important it was to have that charm with me as I walked down the aisle and now as a keepsake from that fantastic day! A year later and that tiny gift created by Adore Amor is something I still look at everyday (along with the husband of course) and smile at. Thank you so much!"  ~ MareN

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