Adore: To love and respect deeply
          Amor: Latin name for the greek god of love Eros.

I mean who doesn’t love love right?? It’s beautiful & magical and wondrous after all.
Seeing a couple’s wedding day vision come to life, that twinkle in his eye when he sees her come down the aisle, hearing them exchange vows in front of all those who love them. Well, it all puts a fire in my soul, a smile on my face, & more often than not a tear in my eye.

Planning and organizing an event of that magnitude is no small ordeal however and while it certainly can be beautiful & magical & wondrous all too often couples end up stressed & anxious as they alone attempt to pull off the perfect day and realize that planning a wedding can quickly become a full time job.

Behind all of the Pinterest worthy ideas and storybook tales of love weddings are a business, a {BIG} business. As with any business entered into you want to ensure you come to the table prepared.
I would be honored to help prepare you for the business side of your wedding while supporting and encouraging you through all of the sentimental, fun, and most certainly beautiful aspects as well.

A little more about me, I graduated from Florida State University {Go Noles} in 2006 with honors & a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. In 2009 I married {gasp!} a Gator. We now have two beautiful children together & I have spent the past nine years working full-time for a nation-wide consulting company. Five years ago I opened an Etsy shop selling wedding accessories & I recently completed my Wedding Specialist Certification through Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.

For any of you familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality types I am a Consul, {Monica from Friend’s is also a Consul if that tells you anything.} You can read more about my personality type and find out yours here.

Dedicated. Determined. Driven. That isn’t just a slogan.

Lindsay Feist, Lead Planner

" Lindsay is absolutely wonderful. She's so nice, organized, professional and her creativity and artistic eye are superb. You can tell she takes great pride in her work, always making sure everything is perfect. " - Jaclyn